NAERSI NARS fun, animal elements are red

Smart yet interesting animal totem in the fall and winter 2013 is still the darling of designers. Whether in clothing or shoes, luggage, we are not difficult to find the presence of animal elements. They or large area lining each detail in the clothing, or a single embellishment on the vamp and Baoshen, boring autumn and winter to add a touch of fun!

娜尔思 - NAERSI

LEFT: Sweater N13G017207 Pants N13F515705

RIGHT: Dress N13G661907

The combination of neat silhouette cutout and Wolf's head pattern completes the fun conversation, leaving a slightly deeper jungle-green dress full of surprises, signaling a distinct new look. Improved Peter Pan collar, the outline of the waist line convex design tailored to make jungle wild in the city like a shadow.


This season we were brought back to urban jungle. When creating urban resort style, you can bid farewell to the same style with a hunting-style suit, or with the uniform into a uniform, warm beige color knit sweater, can bring unexpected handsome effect, will lead You hunt the original beauty in the urban jungle! Leopard elements pants, but also increase the overall degree of fashion the key to it!

LEFT 1: Cardigan N13G061305 Shirt N13G201901

Pants N13G513207

LEFT 2: One Piece N13G061107 Cardigan N13G017207

RIGHT 2: sweater N13G033805 little shirt N13G260607

Pants N13F515308

RIGHT 1: Jacket N13G142107 Shirt N13G201901

Pants N13G513207

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