Long-sleeved T-shirt with what pants T-shirt look good with jeans or casual pants good

Long T-shirt is the spring and winter three seasons are essential, but each season has a different wear, and now the long T style has not just built take, wear the same brisk, long in the spring personality T How to match it? How to deal with long-T boys together take a look at it. If the whole garment is black and white stripes style, so a bit too trivial, this two fabric stitching, as well as stitching style, black and white stripes splicing white hem, although the overall black and white only , But such a fresh dress in the spring will be more dazzling, coupled with a rose red casual pants, bright embellishment certainly good-looking. The same clothing with different visual effects, the same black and white with a long T models, different hairstyles, different pants with, is another effect, black and white with long T with Slim jeans, it is thin Oh, neat and tidy All bar hair style, it is suitable for junior high school students.

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