Libu fashionable children's clothing to create a happy life

Libu brand image from "Happy Flower" Clover. Clover is a comprehensive symbol of LOVE, HEALTH, FAME and WELTH. Its unique meaning is exactly the same as that of LEB in its market positioning and product philosophy. Levin more "ORIGINALLIFEFORKIDS" as a credo, with the highest quality products for the baby to create a "happy life of creativity", to bring more different baby's general care, with the baby's health and happy growth. Sweet and tender rose to reveal cute little girl's childhood, small and chic embroidery patterns like finishing touch like the light body. Wood at the first glance gives you a handsome hip-hop style? Sweater with black and green stitching personalized print, MIX Check shirt to create hip-hop teenager.

The idea of JNPFOOTWEAR Women's Moccasins Collections is making the Women's Shoes with flat heel for a long walks. After we collect clients comments and feedbacks, we decide women's shoes should with

• Soft memory foam insole ( so we could feel cushion when walking)

• Flexible TPR outsole

• Wider last (cause 70% of shoes are export to western countries)

• Many colours to choose ( We have ladies white shoes, girls pink shoes,blacks shoes etc, many colours for summer & spring season to matching the clothes )

• Low MOQ (So our clients do not inventory pressures about ladies fashion colour shoes , which might only popular in one season)

We'd like to hear your ideas and comments too. Feel free to contact us. Wish we could develop a hot sale and unique women's shoes in your market.

Women's Moccasins

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