Leishan County cultivates Miao silver jewelry embroidery business base

In order to promote the development of silver jewelry embroidery industry, Leishan County strives to create a street of silver jewelry embroidery, and enters the market to cultivate the distribution center of silver jewelry embroidery products in the county, and strives to cultivate “one street” into the whole county, the whole state and even the whole province. Miao silver jewelry embroidered entrepreneurial base.

In order to encourage the majority of silver jewelry embroidery experts, large households to settle down in the "one street" to start a business, the scattered silver jewelry embroidery self-employed and customers to the silver jewelry embroidery street gathering, the county issued a policy, the "one street" silver jewelry embroidery industry to buy a house The household is open to the door to give a subsidy.

Recently, according to the relevant provisions of the Notice of the People's Government Office of Leishan County on Printing and Distributing the Management Plan of the Miao National Silver Jewelry Embroidery Creative Center of Leishan County, the county opened a business subsidy for the purchase of 5 households of silver jewelry embroidery industry in “one street” from 2010 to 2012. 130,000 yuan. Among them, the subsidy Yang Ani 10,000 yuan, Wen Jinwei 10,000 yuan, Li Zhenghui 20,000 yuan, Mu Shigao 30,000 yuan, Gu Yongchong 60,000 yuan.

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