KONZEN (space) differentiation strategy to dominate the market

Clothing industry has always said that - "the channel is king." In fact, many domestic clothing brands in the early days, to agents or joining, etc., in the market access to a higher market share. However, with the gradual development of the brand, traditional agents and other means have not been able to meet the growing requirements of the brand. In terms of channels, some brands have entered a "bottleneck." Therefore, how to optimize the channel to bring more benefits to the terminal has become a problem that the apparel brand urgently needs to solve. In recent years, China's fashion casual wear industry has developed rapidly, many brands have emerged in the consumer market products rich and colorful, dazzling. However, due to the high degree of homogeneity of many brands in products, channels and services, fashion casualwear brand managers feel the market competition is fierce. They all take different business strategies and make various inroads. They hope to find their own "profit Blue Ocean ". KONZEN (Space) - A casual menswear from Spain, with its competitive strategy and superior quality brought by the supreme good reputation, in the fierce competition in the market soared, becoming China's fashion casual wear market, a dark horse. Can stand out in many brands, what exactly is out of what kind of business strategy? First of all, KONZEN (space) is located in the excellent city "shopping district" in the choice of the target market, including the first and second level shopping districts in the first level cities, the first level shopping districts in the second level cities, the top level in the third and fourth tier cities Business district. In today's ever-richer mass media, KONZEN (Space) did not blindly channel construction, but targeted, based on their product brand positioning and target consumer groups to choose from. Business district can also be called a wealth accumulation zone, in this work or frequented by the crowd here have a business sense with the positioning of the fashion sense of smell, it is also such a positioning, so KONZEN (space) quickly opened Market, expand brand awareness and reputation, more and more consumers are welcome. Secondly, KONZEN () product positioning "refined men's", a strong grasp of fashion and leisure has become the increasingly trendy after discount fashion casual wear and business casual fashion after another trend of rising to integrate into the field of fashion leisure , Enjoy a huge market capacity, enjoy the great benefits of high-growth category. Throughout the history of China's fashion casual wear brand development, has been the first of several major fashion casual wear developed to the current fierce momentum in the process, the design of clothing more and more consumer concern, it is based on This, KONZEN (space) investment, the brand's strong design capabilities combined with market demand, developed for the target consumer groups products. KONZEN (space) is the international fashion men's clothing brand created by Guangzhou Yuejie Garments Co., Ltd. It owns nearly 400 stores across the country and is well received by consumers because of its keen international fashion sense, self-cultivation design version and high-quality fabric. In the country enjoy a higher reputation and reputation. 2009 KONZEN won the "most influential brand of casual wear in China," 2010 KONZEN won the "best fashion and casual clothing design award", 2010 KONZEN brand design director won the "10th Guangdong top ten fashion designer" title. To differentiate competition as a weapon, KONZEN (space) in this fashion casual wear market, "dark horse" will fly faster and farther in the market competition.

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