Kavun (KAVON) brand women dig deep cultural connotation

Founded in 2003, the Kavon brand, since the absence of the Shenzhen Trade Fair in 2005, turned gorgeous in the quarter and returned to Shenzhen to serve the trade fair. The return is Cavenon atmosphere of atmosphere, today Cahon can not be the same day with the original, won the pavilion in the Great Hall of the Road nearly 500 square meters of pavilions, and obviously shows the brand's ambitious.

Turning to the intent of this exhibition, Ms Ho Shu-jun, Carnegie chairman admitted: KAVON Kavun after years of tempering the market size and channel resources already have a considerable scale, the industry influence and brand awareness is well known. Exhibition is no longer limited to investment negotiations, focusing on promotion of brand culture, strengthen brand advocacy, deepen cultural appeal.

It is reported that this service rendezvous, Carnegie will carry out cross-border cooperation will be a major element of Kavun clothing ink soluble therein, at the same time using architectural practices, the clothing of the European-style cutting and Eastern Zen stereo seamlessly, fully presented Brand Culture.

For this, Ms. He Shujun further elaborated: purely commodity only labor value, the value is limited, but to convert products into brands, which need to give the intangible cultural symbols of goods, goods can be short-term imitation, culture is not a day It takes years and years of sedimentation and infiltration, is a continuous brand force, it is unique and can not be copied, but also the brand can stand in the unpredictable business war core competitiveness. We also carry out cross-border cooperation, but also hope to deepen the development of the brand while broadening the brand dimension, access to the brand's comprehensive promotion effect.

The author understands that Kavon has won the favor of the majority of women with its relaxed, atmospheric, individualized and fashionable differentiated style positioning. Its mature marketing strategy and marketing mode have maintained its steady growth of more than 50% In the personnel training, logistics and supply chain system to create and institutional reform carried out by the drastic reforms are all in the practice of internal strength, the brand exudes a confident light from the inside out.

For the future development of the industry, Miss He Shujun not without worries but also complacent, she laughed: the market is a double-edged sword, never once and for all things, with market-oriented and insight, know how to change for entrepreneurs already Particularly important. The next few years, the clothing brand will have a big reshuffle, the winner take-all phenomenon is inevitable. Only in the multi-format business management company, so specialized, in order to achieve deep roots, Everlasting.

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