Ju Menglai: Four essential points for healthy bedding

Bedding is in direct contact with the body every day. Healthy bedding is directly related to the health of our body. We must choose soft fabrics. It is best to choose high-density cotton fabrics dyed with environmentally friendly dyes, because natural cotton fibers have the body and the human body. The skin has good affinity, moisture absorption, good ventilation, safety, comfort and no irritation. Today, we invite Ju Menglai's love consultant to tell us what should we pay attention to when choosing healthy bedding?

First, the fabric "to" cotton-based bedding fabrics are mostly cotton-based, because it is in direct contact with the body, we must choose pure cotton, silk and other soft fabrics, these bedding feel good, insulation performance, It is also easy to clean. It is best to choose pure cotton high-density fabrics printed with environmentally friendly dyes. Because natural cotton fibers have good affinity with human skin, moisture absorption, good ventilation, safety, comfort and no irritation. Other materials such as hemp, wool, and lace are generally used as a match.

Second, the pattern "Yes" and the decoration style match the principle of people choosing bedding. If the bedding is ingeniously combined with the color of the surrounding environment, the texture performance and the pattern pattern, the decorative effect of the success can be shaped, and the selection should be considered comprehensively. Different colors give different psychological feelings. The colors that look comfortable and harmonious can be safe for a night, and the uncomfortable color will make you feel unhappy or even irritated. Choose the color of the bedding, take care of your own preferences, and take care of the surrounding environment to see if the fabrics in these beds are in harmony with the surrounding environment. The matching between the primary colors is easy to express gorgeous effects due to the high purity and strong personality.

Third, the fabric "must" pay attention to the needle stitching of the fabric is the denser, indicating that the fabric is more durable and durable. Generally, the fabric will be subjected to a singeing and mercerizing treatment process, so that it is not easy to pick up the granules, and it is not easy to fade. If the process is not passed through the hand, the fabric will feel rough when it is touched back and forth by hand. grain. In addition, cotton bedding is softer and has a higher air permeability, but the price is more expensive. Therefore, there are some semi-cotton and semi-synthetic fiber products on the market. These fabrics will not be too wrinkled after washing, but cotton. Most of the ironing is done after washing. When buying quilted or cold air, pay attention to the precision of the jumper bead. Generally, the technical content is best seen in the place where the line is.

Fourth, the pillow "to" pay attention to the high and low soft and soft bedding pillows filled with cotton, duck feathers or buckwheat husk is ideal. At present, there are many types of pillows on the market. The buckwheat husks are made of natural materials and have low price, but they are difficult to wash, have high hardness, and are easy to breed bacteria. The down pillow is soft and durable, but it is difficult to wash and some people are allergic to down. Latex is breathable and comfortable, with good elasticity, strong support, no bacteria, but easy to age. Washing is also inconvenient. Generally, man-made fibers are inexpensive, but the elasticity is insufficient and cannot be washed. The high-quality fiber pillows treated by special techniques not only have excellent support and reintegration, but also can be machine washed and dried. (Gu Menglai Home Textiles)

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