Jamie Bear highlights the lively and lovely personality of children

Guangzhou Jimmy Bear Clothing Co., Ltd. is wholly owned by Hong Kong Sheng Ke International Industrial Co., Ltd., the company located in China's largest brand children's clothing city of Guangzhou Lai Ho Building. Jamie Bear children's brand was born in Milan, Italy, has decades of product development history, she brought European style, uphold years of children's wear development, production and sales experience, the 21st century using the most advanced garment production technology, specializing in children Clothing design and development, manufacturing and sales. Through the integration of brand and resource advantages, the company has its own garment factory employees a total of more than 1,000 people, with an annual output of millions of pieces of clothing. The company has a professional marketing team and product development design team, in the shortest possible time capture the changing market information to develop to meet children's wear and market selling products. The company has a mature brand strategy, product development is Jimmy Bear's brand strategy source. In order to broaden the R & D design ideas, acutely identify the regional epidemic characteristics, Jamie Bear designers in addition to a large number of collecting, sorting out the psychological information of the forefront of children around, but also frequently assigned to visit abroad, friendly exchanges with domestic and foreign counterparts, and constantly for product development Inject new vitality. With the theme of "golden childhood, environmental protection and comfort", Jimmy Bear combines the developmental structure of children's body with the concept of "Golden Childhood, Environmental Protection and Comfortability". Based on the prerequisite of comfort and health, with the international advanced design concept and exquisite craftsmanship, Mi Bear brand of excellent quality! Let "Jamie Bear" children's clothing flashes the essence of oriental culture on the basis of European style, perfect combination of Italian style and leisure taste, with the needs of the Chinese market, to create children's clothing series designed for children aged 2-12, close to the fashion trend The style and mid-range price, by children and parents like. Fabric care green, give full consideration to the needs of healthy growth of children, the preferred high-quality cotton, after singeing, soft, washing and other processing procedures, natural color soft, lively and diverse styles, reflecting the new century children's sense of the times. The company adopts the most popular, respected, and franchised business model in the world, which has achieved great success through practice. It breaks through the traditional business model of children's wear brand and successfully creates a brand new business model of children's wear brand. Through the large-scale and networked market development, Guide, in order to realize its globalization development strategy.

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