I wish Waya underwear stores in Jinshan grand opening

In the late spring season, Italy Waa underwear counter in Jinshan busy Zhangyan Town Commercial Street Grand Opening, the image of the high-end atmosphere attracted an endless stream of local people, Italy Waa underwear new products are more by the local customers Love, flowers, a symbol of beauty, Italy, the source of product design inspiration, a steady stream of flower patterns in the colorful world continue to find inspiration, let you indulge in a romantic atmosphere filled with flowers. Italian Waina products always with elegant connotation, faint floral, each one of the most hidden woman's heart myth.

Italian wanna Monopoly Figure 1 - Jinshan Zhang Yan

With the fashion capital of Shanghai, as a product development and marketing center of the Italian brand Wanna, with a dedicated design team, high-quality manufacturing standards, fashion and luxury underwear sense of natural elasticity and comfort, Italy is satisfied that the manufacture of products Pursuit, sexy and not vulgar, gorgeous and elegant, elegant and inexpensive is the positioning of Wana products, Italy Wina fashion underwear with its unique products and connotation continue to win the favor of consumers, more and more to meet the ladies of the times pursue.


Italian wanna Monopoly Figure 2 - Jinshan Zhang Yan

Italian Wana brand underwear Embroidery lace embroidery-based decoration, Italian Wina underwear pursuit of fashion and comfort, the use of lace fabric to create a sexy and elegant quality, composed of a unique style. Italian Waina underwear designer's concept and design is drawn from the natural beauty, the women's favorite graphics, colors and other rich elements of the artistic element, Italian Waya fashion lingerie cleverly constitute a section of exquisite underwear, combined with the spring, summer, autumn and winter Season, Italian Wana INVARIA form a variety of taste taste popular series.

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