How to wear long veil dress with long veil dress too long how to do

The most fair summer wear is a long yarn skirt with the most able to show the beauty of a woman floating immortals, if fairy full to describe a woman, it is really excellent. This summer is coming soon, have you prepared your secret weapon yet? Still show women's 2014 summer new presents elegant long veil skirt, here is recommended to you as the summer of the lore weapons.

Still show women

Chiffon dress is the preferred summer dresses, but most people can not control long skirts, too long how to do? Then try this wear law, the shirt into the skirt waist, pull the waist up, just to stretch the legs of the line, the upper body compression ratio, so that the entire ratio of the golden ratio. The long veil unique and pride of the high split ends of the design, so that the legs of the lines can be seen vaguely.

夏天穿长纱裙应该怎么搭配 长纱裙太长怎么办

Still show women

Beige dress is the preferred summer color, light colors like diffuse magnolia flowers, if the breeze Xu, inevitably overflowing flowers. This sleeveless one-piece dress looks like a two-piece item for the first glance, with distinctive designs up and down, lace at the collar and pleats at the waist to make the elegance never fade throughout the body.

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