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There are sayings of luck, evil spirits, and good fortune, because people pay special attention when they are placed in the hustle and bustle. How much do you know about the placement of cockroaches? Today, Xiaobian will tell you about how to put it. If you have a flaw in your home, let's take a look at it.

[貔貅 placement position]

If you are an official, you will buy a big butt, which means you are sitting steady.

If you are doing business, you will buy a big belly, which means gathering money.

If you have a child, buy a wing with a representative.

It is the town of Feng Shui, and it turns out to be a beast of Xiangxiang. It is best at solving the problem of Wuhuang, Tianzhu, Chuanxin, Scythe, Boxer, Knife, White Tiger, Yin, and Black.

Therefore, it has the three functions of warding off evil towns, reducing phlegm and prospering.

1/ Don't head to the main entrance, because there is a door god or a god of wealth at the main entrance.

2/ Don't rush into the mirror, the mirror will produce light.

3/ Don't put on the bed, it will be bad for yourself.

Donation taboo:

1/The sand can not be placed in the incense burner. Ginger rice, pearl rice and black rice should be placed.

2/ There should be no pears or strawberries in the fruit of the offering (the homophonic is not good). Others are not jealous.

3/When a woman has a physical condition, it is strictly forbidden to give a scent to the scent, and to stroke (a jealousy, bloody, fetal).

4/Don't clean the broom very often. Only four cleaning times per year are calculated on the lunar calendar.

5/No, you can move your mouth and head with your hands and move it with red silk cloth when you move.

Place taboos:

First, you can't live in the position of the world's people, that is, you can't stand directly on the ground, you can't be taller than the head of the person.

Second, can not be contaminated with blood and body fluids <sex life>. Nothing that is open can be contaminated with filth.

Three: Do not easily touch the eyes and mouth of the eyes, the eyes are used to find wealth, the mouth is used to save money.

Fourth, the squatting should be placed diagonally against the doorway or the window. It is best to see the pedestrian or the vehicle walking through the window or the doorway, because the lord's partial wealth is the money of the passers-by or the foreign wealth.

Five: You need a glass of water for feeding. The cup should not be higher than the mouth of the bowl. The water should be kept clean and adequate.

Six: You are not within the five elements, and there is no relationship between the eight characters and the yin and yang.

Seven: Two cymbals can be placed in a straight line, or placed in an eight-character or eight-character.

Eight: You can't accept incense.

Nine: When you receive a cockroach, a person is open, and you can put it on the ear to the tail for a few times. Don’t let others touch it. This is not too good for others, and it will affect you. . After touching it, it is best to rinse with water. The cleaned eyes and mouth should be naturally dry.

The introduction of the 貔貅 小 给 给 给 给 给 给 给 给 给 给 给 给 给 给 给 给I hope that the above arrangement of 貔貅 can bring a little help to everyone, and I wish everyone can get the good luck brought to you by everyone.

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