How should the repaired jade be identified?

In general, the vast majority of repaired jade is no longer "complete", so its value will fall below the original. Especially the jade articles that have been inlaid, bonded and supplemented are worth far below the original. Therefore, paying attention to the identification of the repaired jade is a problem that collectors cannot ignore.


The jade is broken, and its value is greatly reduced. Of course, it is a pity. Therefore, in ancient China, there was a repair of damaged jade. From the research on the jade device of unearthed cultural relics, we found that every era has a case of repair. Every piece of jade is unique. Once it is difficult to restore perfection, Yuyou should be careful and careful. Be careful when purchasing jade, don't treat the repaired things as perfect, so as to be deceived.

The key to identifying whether a jade has been repaired is to observe it carefully and not to be careless. In addition to the very few jade pieces, the repaired jade will always leave a little clue. Some of the damaged parts are more obvious. At first glance, they are repaired. For example, the gold jade inlays and the parts that are set in gold are definitely "fraudulent". This is what the discerning eye can understand at a glance;

Some of the defects are just a bit more coincident, coupled with the ingenious conception of the repairer, basically or completely concealing and making up for the lack of the original, such as some split into two and re-finished jade, even if they are regarded as "original" There will be no loss to be treated there; the most difficult thing is that the jade that has been glued, filled and newly replenished will slip away from the bottom of the eyelids if you don't pay attention.

Two-thirds or re-finished, but not completely jade, if you eat it, it will be devastating. Therefore, the jade must be carefully and carefully read. It is not possible to see it with the naked eye. It must also be viewed with the aid of a magnifying glass. It is not only necessary to look at the overall feeling, but also to have a part and a part to "scan" the past. Even the most subtle places are not missed; moreover, you can't just look at the light, you must look back, and the lights must be strong; only in this way can you catch up. In short, whenever you encounter a jade article, you must think about whether it has the possibility of repairing it. Ask more questions, imagine more possibilities, and be sure to buy it without any doubt.

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