[HEFANXI good news] September warmly congratulate Italian original design brand HEFANXI He Vatican six stores will be grand opening

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September, romantic and beautiful season. HEFANXI new appearance one after another all over the country, elegant atmosphere, people enjoy the comfort pleasing space and stylish shopping fun.

Warm congratulations on September Italian original design brand HEFANXI following new store dress up, congratulations business is booming, rich source of wealth, customer-like cloud, fortune! Long-lasting profit!

Warm congratulations on the grand opening of Kunming Shuifudian on September 20th

Warm congratulations Yantai, Shandong shop on September 16 grand opening

â‘¢ Warm congratulations on the grand opening of Chengdu, Sichuan Province on September 21

Warm congratulations Sichuan Nanchong shop on September 19 grand opening

⑤ warm congratulations Changping Baihua Dian September 20 grand opening

â‘¥ warm congratulations Humen Pedestrian Street store on September 26 grand opening

Thank you for joining the support! With the total development of the brand, in the coming days, HEFANXI hope to let more women to experience more with the Italian women's fashion brand HEFANXI original design charm!

【HEFANXI喜讯】9月热烈祝贺意大利原创设计品牌HEFANXI 赫梵茜六大店铺将隆重盛装开业

HEFANXI design philosophy: emphasize the original, pay attention to taste, different. HEFANXI not only design products, more design is the customer's needs. We not only infuse the fashion elements leading the trend, we give her the soul of happiness and love.

【HEFANXI喜讯】9月热烈祝贺意大利原创设计品牌HEFANXI 赫梵茜六大店铺将隆重盛装开业

HEFANXI brand has become a pioneer in fashion and fashion apparels and a new model for chasing fashionable culture of new fashion personality. HEFANXI's work captures the fashion avant-garde design with outstanding design beyond conventional design Talent, the quarterly works to the trend of cutting-edge, and constantly set off the industry's response to create a consumer never stop surprise, please continue to look forward to it.

Here again, we warmly wish the original Italian design brand HEFANXI brand women's August opening of new stores sell large, let us look forward, HEFANXI women's brand shop to create a brilliant achievement! If you like HEFANXI ladies, please visit our store, we welcome Your arrival! At the same time, we are still hot investment! HEFANXI have you more exciting.


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