GUCCI allegedly abuses employees or nothing

The internationally renowned luxury brand GUCCI Shenzhen flagship store was suspected of being “outside of overtime” and “abuse of staff”. Many employees accused GUCCI management practices of violating relevant labor laws and regulations and triggered concern from all walks of life. On the evening of the 11th, GUCCI issued a statement saying that the relevant managers and store managers have been replaced. The Shenzhen Labor Department involved in the investigation and found that the Shenzhen brand shop of GUCCI established a complicated labor employment system, and did not set up branches in Shenzhen under the name of GUCCI. Even if it is time-consuming and laborious to find out its illegal use of labor, the punishment is difficult to implement. Great.

GUCCI replaced Shenzhen flagship store manager on the evening of the 11th, GUCCI company issued a statement, saying that "noting a few media reports of former employees complained", the company has "replaced the relevant managers and store managers", and ready to "strengthen the management of the store The team's training reaffirmed the company's personnel management principles and continuously improved the employee welfare and work environment at all stores."

In an interview on the 12th in the early morning of the 12th, GUCCI’s director of the company’s communication agency Huang Xing further stated that Shenzhen’s labor dispute “is just a special event and there are no similar problems in other shops across the country”.

The resigned employees in the labor dispute case did not agree with this. A female employee said that she started to request GUCCI reimbursement of overtime payment from January this year, but the other party has not been compensated. "The statement is more like a ****, by processing one or two managers. To transfer pressure."

The registration of the shop is not under the name of GUCCI. "This is an unprecedented case." Wang Lijun, head of the labor supervision squadron of the Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Human Resources, said that if all the labor dispute cases are the same as those of the "GUCCI case," "Our staff will increase by 10 Times are not enough."

On the 10th, the Shenzhen Labor Department went to the Shenzhen GUCCI flagship store near Vientiane City for investigation. According to Wang Lijun, when they were questioning a deputy head of Qiu Xing of GUCCI Shenzhen, the supervisor said they did not set up branches in Shenzhen under the name of GUCCI. The actual registered name of the Shenzhen GUCCI flagship store is China Resources (Shenzhen) Limited. The company's thirteenth branch company. The Shenzhen Guiyuan Industrial and Commercial Administration confirmed that the situation described by the supervisor was true.

The difficult investigation of labor dispatching in different places shows that the Shenzhen brand shop of GUCCI has established a complicated labor employment system. Ma Wei, head of the Legal Department of the Bureau of Human Resources of Luohu District, said that although Shenzhen's GUCCI store employees are governed by GUCCI, the signing of a work contract with these GUCCI employees is a company named Nanyou Outsourcing Human Resources Co., Ltd. in Nanshan District, Shenzhen. enterprise. Ma Yun said: "These employees sign labor dispatch contracts. After signing contracts, employees were first 'dispatched' to GUCCI's Shanghai headquarters, and then 'sent' back to work in Shenzhen. Therefore, when we needed it to happen in Shenzhen. When labor disputes were investigated and evidence was collected, all investigations turned into off-site investigations, which not only was time-consuming and laborious, but also encountered great resistance and difficulty in investigation and evidence collection. Even if it was finally determined that GUCCI punished employees for illegal employment, it would also punish them. The formation of off-site penalties will increase the difficulty of implementation."

The relevant person thinks that the practice of GUCCI has the suspicion of abusing labor dispatch. According to the "Labor Contract Law," labor dispatch is generally implemented in temporary, auxiliary, and alternative jobs. However, many of the retired employees stated that most employees at Shenzhen's GUCCI shop have signed a contract for at least two years. "Our job is difficult to describe in terms of temporary and auxiliary, no matter how we look."

※ Event Review: Gucci resigned employees complained: Shenzhen flagship store was a sweatshop On September 23, two resigned employees of GUCCI Shenzhen flagship store broke the news that they worked in GUCCI flagship store and encountered inhuman management: Drink water to apply, go to the bathroom to report, pregnant women is more than a dozen hours, eat eight apples will be fired ... ... refers to the flagship store in Shenzhen GUCCI is a "sweat factory."

In response, GUCCI replied: The company has always paid close attention to employees' welfare benefits. At present, it is actively conducting an in-depth investigation of this special incident and will take necessary measures as soon as possible to properly handle it.

GUCCI's response to the human resources department: No delinquency overtime Chief Executive Officer: It has been reported that during the improvement, five resigned employees wished the company to compensate for overtime in an open letter. The human resources department of GUCCI (China) Trading Co., Ltd. made a written reply: "The company You have carefully checked your historical attendance records and overtime payment data in the company's computer system. Based on the information currently available, you can confirm that the company does not have enough paid overtime pay."

GUCCI issued an emergency "password password"

At the beginning of September, Shenzhen TV station "Law View of the World" column reads "The flagship store of GUCCI is a "sweat company". "" For the title of four consecutive reports, and conducted unannounced visits, five resigned employees in the program described the encounter in Shenzhen GUCCI flagship store, causing a great disturbance.

Recently, the reporter of Xin Express reportedly obtained an e-mail from the Deputy Solicitors who resigned from the job and responded to the unannounced visits of media customers. Obviously, the e-mail was issued urgently after Shenzhen TV station made an unannounced visit to the matter.

※ Event follow-up: GUCCI Chinese company abuses employees' incidents are fermenting GUCCI Chinese company abuses employees' incidents are being fermented. The reporter visited the GUCCI Beijing store a few days ago and the employees stated that they are "very tiring," but denying other strict regulations. However, GUCCI China did not stand up and respond positively to this issue, and GUCCI’s brand image is at risk of being damaged. In the eyes of the industry, this is the "sequel" left by the rapid expansion of major luxury brands in the Chinese market.

The quality of service was criticized. In fact, there were countless labor disputes between GUCCI China and its employees. The reporter learned that since 2009, several Gucci employees in Beijing and Shenzhen have complained to local labor arbitration agencies and demanded that GUCCI pay for overtime.

In the face of the questioning of abused employees, GUCCI still adopts a consistent non-response strategy, and does not accept interviews and does not express any opinions on the matter. The public relations manager of GUCCI China stated that it is actively conducting an in-depth investigation of this special incident and will take necessary measures as soon as possible to properly handle it.

Staff training is neglected In the eyes of the industry, the labor disputes of GUCCI are the "sequelae" left by the rapid expansion of major luxury brands in the Chinese market. In recent years, the potential of Chinese luxury consumers has left no luxury brand underestimated, and has accelerated the pace of opening stores in the Chinese market. At the same time, the corresponding staff management and training has become an overlooked part. Ouyang Kun, chief representative officer of the World Luxury Goods Association in China, said that luxury brands have perfect training for employees on the job abroad, but after the Chinese market, management and personnel training have not kept pace, and luxury brands are also interested in keeping employees down as low as possible. Training expenses. According to the data of the World Luxury Goods Association, the labor cost only accounts for 6% of the sales price of luxury goods, which is much lower than the product cost and brand added value.

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