Griffin underwear new assault deep V design sexy charming dew career line

" Greiner " underwear will be the perfect combination of Western popular elements and oriental temperament, with classic fashion design, unique version, elegant style, extreme detail, gave birth to the perfect product style and excellent quality. Brand with its simple, stylish style, the interpretation of the unique charm of women, good quality heritage classics, creating a unique market positioning and Delin Lena refined, elegant cultural connotation, the brand enjoys a good reputation in the industry.


This set of both mature dark coffee color, and burgundy intoxicating underwear, deep V design so that the firm curve of the chest, light and dark floral pattern is the embodiment of the quality of the manifestation.

格蕾纳内衣新款来袭 深V设计性感迷人大露事业线

Light coffee is always highlight the temperament, fine stripe design to make the V style more sexy and charming, big show business line, the choice of a comfortable fabric underwear, the main key factor oh.

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