Good news: è®´ GE Germany Anhui Hefei store will be grand opening on September 16

Your closet is full of only the color depth, style, material changes in the black and white ash, although they are a symbol of temperament, you are still tired? Life is not black and white, so should the clothes. Put on a favorite clothes, the mood will follow it light up. è®´ Goethe gave you this magic yet? Early autumn try to make bright colors light up your clothes while lighting your dim mood.


è®´ Goethe Women's Wear is devoted to serving all urban new women who are independent and free, stylish, sensible and optimistic about optimism and are devoted to creating their own fashion and individual brands. Its Hefei store in Anhui Province will also be grandly opened on September 16 .


Xiaobian hereby wish the business prosperous, extra cash! Then I also hope that the local beauty shop into the store to buy, a lot of support.

Ladies' Plus Size Top

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