Gold 2012 autumn and winter new apparel grand release

March 8, Galp 2012 autumn and winter new conference kicked off. Carefully built series of products, a new positioning of the market strategy, after three years of exploration polished, Galp successful transformation. This year, Galp even usher in the brand's full-speed development stage, "palm collar 12", will also control the future. Men's casual wear, fashion casual nostalgia style, exquisite chic mix, exquisite tailoring, a variety of colors of the Department of design concept, modern personality Zeze unique man. To jacket, shirts, sweaters, suits, pants, T-shirts, jeans, jewelry and other full range of product structure. To 20-40-year-old office workers for the mainstream, casual fashion, self-confidence, free and easy, fashion style.

Below Crowns from 7inch to 8inch heights, In Various Shaped and with high quality artwork, Customer`s own logo could be added in. If has any special request, please send your inquiry and will be answered within 24hours!

7in-8in Pageant Crowns

Full Pageant Crowns, Pageant Round Crowns, Gold Pageant Crowns

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