Gift business development to find high-end market

Since ancient times, China has always been a state of etiquette. Traditionally, it has always attached great importance to reciprocity. "Benevolence, rituals, rituals, wisdom, and faith" are the most classical and glorious pages of Chinese Confucianism. Its far-reaching influence has been highly respected so far. Therefore, high-end gifts have become one of the most expressive means of communication.

High-end gifts are commemorative gifts that are presented to each other in order to strengthen the feelings and exchanges between each other, such as business contacts, friends' weddings, birthdays, festivals, and emotional exchanges. As a high-end gift product, generally more expensive and good quality gifts. The average price is higher than advertising promotional gifts. There are many kinds of high-end gifts, and the prices are high. Generally, they are handicrafts, oil paintings and so on. So how do companies turn their products into members of the high-end gift market? However, what is a high-end product? Where is the high-end market? Where is the category market suitable for high-end?

What is a high-end product?

High-end products are not luxury products at all, and they can only count as luxury goods. High-end products are based on the basic values ​​shared by the categories, and the values ​​and prices are higher than those of similar products. Such as the milk in the special Lun Su, chocolate Dove, Evian in the mineral water and so on. It is a must-have item for daily life, but it is obviously higher in quality and price than ordinary products, but it is definitely not extravagant. Its price must be affordable for heavy consumers to repeatedly purchase and purchase in the daily consumption, and they can afford it. Think of it as good value for money. This is obviously different from the characteristics of genuine luxury that are almost pure display and gift.

When consumers consume, they first think about the category, then the brand that represents the category. The perception of the category before the consumer decides its price range, and even high-end products cannot seriously deviate from this range.

Fuling mustard 600 grams of 2200 yuan Tianxiang mustard can only be regarded as speculation, neither is the high-end here, because it is only symbolic to the company, there is no sales, is not a luxury, because a side dish does not have luxury properties Even with ten pairs of silver chopsticks, consumers will not buy it.

Therefore, high-end is not equivalent to luxury goods, and doing high-end can not be arbitrary, but it should be based on the unique value of filling in the category to achieve improvement.

Where is the high-end market?

The market that is suitable for high-end is characteristic. Fuklai believes that the market suitable for high-end products has the following three characteristics.

First of all, the category is mature, without education.

There is a wide variety of brands in the category market, and the competition is relatively complete. However, there is no strong brand in the overall industry and no oligopoly is formed. This category market is suitable for high-end. Because in this category market, high quality is the most obvious difference, the high end is the strongest brand power. With high prices as a label, consumers can trust with quality, the brand can quickly enter the mind of consumers.

Edible oil has a long history of eating and is an undoubted mature product category. Yihai Kerry first introduced a small package of edible oil brand Jinlong fish, quickly becoming the leader of the edible oil industry; the role and value of the eggs enjoys popular support, but it has always been brand-free bulk "De Qingyuan made high-end eggs, one egg bought more than one, the first brand of achievements of eggs.

Second, the industry continues to decline.

Competition has become fierce. From the enterprise to the consumers, we have all realized that this industry has been declining: low cost, low price, and low quality. General enterprises are only satisfied to meet the national standard, and some even use tricks such as blending to deceive consumers and regulators. The profits of enterprises are getting thinner and thinner, and business methods have become more and more abnormal. Consumers have become increasingly distrustful of the industry. It is time to do high-end at that time.

In this market, doing high-end, jumping out of the low-price competition quagmire, bucking the trend, not only allows the competition to achieve differentiation, but also high-end products to become a guarantee of business survival and profits.

Terunsu is not an active marketing FromEMKT. Com. The products of cn, Mengniu saw that the important reason for the sharp decline in profits was the homogenous competition of the dairy industry. Therefore, the signpost points to the high-end of liquid milk and succeeded at the moment.

Third, consumption upgrades, while existing products have not yet been met.

After consumers have eaten, they are pursuing a high quality of life, pursuing good eating, eating healthily, eating decently, and even demanding foods. If there is a lack of innovation in the industry, there is no real high-end quality product. Can not meet the increased consumer demand, when doing high-end is appropriate.

The soy sauce industry has long ago promoted Haitian and Lee Kum Kee brands to the high-end market. Haitian Premium Soy Sauce series products have an amino acid nitrogen content as high as 1.2g/100ml, which is far higher than the national standard for amino acid nitrogen oxime 0.8g/100ml.

The mature vinegar industry is still satisfied with the requirements of the national standard. After the “matching door”, the whole industry is still difficult to find out the real brewing old vinegar, and consumers want to buy a bottle of real old vinegar and not be available.

The enthusiasm of the old yoghurt is not so much an innovation of Qinghai Xiaoxi as it is a concentrated outbreak of strong market demand. The nutritional value of yogurt has been generally recognized by consumers. Consumers' confidence in dairy products has dropped to a point where they can no longer be reduced. The market is in urgent need of nutritious and healthy high-quality dairy products. Therefore, once the high-end products of the old yoghurt came out, they immediately evoked the feeling of “original” consumers, and the price of yoghurt was far more popular than usual, and the level of popularity was surprising.

The high-end market is a scarce resource. Deqingyuan quickly achieved the first brand of eggs, but after Deqingyuan, the high-end road of many egg brands began to be difficult; domestic beer companies all the way to the market, suddenly turned to find that the high-end market is mostly foreign Brands occupy and want to re-enter the difficulties; Sanquan, miss the pressure of rising costs, began to force the high-end market, but after the Wanchai Ferry to build a high-end brand is relatively difficult. While others are still racking their brains for cost reduction and competing with competitors to enter the high-end market, who can first focus on the high-end market before others wake up, choose the right category, quickly start, who can quickly occupy Leading position to break the competitive landscape!

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