Flower News classic fashion to create personalized urban fashion women's clothing

Garments Co., Ltd. Hangzhou Ou Nafei have ' spent hearing ' brand of independent intellectual property rights, is a set design. Production. Marketing as one integrated well-known women's industry.


[Corporate Culture]: "Let franchisees profit, so that consumers are satisfied with" business philosophy.
[Brand Style]: Classic fashion elegant and refined, to create personalized urban fashion women's.
Target consumer groups: 20-35-year-old urban fashion women.
Product Order positioning: high-end

花讯经典时尚  缔造富有个性的都市时尚女装

Product Structure: Fashion Basic models: 60%
Main selling models: 30%
Style positioning section: 10%

Casual: Ladies (Casual, travel) 65%
Dress Code: Classic Class (Business, Working) 30%
Fashion: Design category (upscale, party) 5%

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