Fashion party Jusheng fashion Baroque style shine audience

A fashion-themed brand story, she comes from the different moments in life, interpretation of the era of women's most passionate and confident spirit of the most seeking, optimistic, positive, know how to enjoy life, know how to express themselves, her fashion charm The expression passed the inner passion of contemporary women, she maverick, chasing a new philosophy of life, the fashion trend of women's style show Court. Autumn and winter of this year, Sheng fashion interpretation of a strong court style, so that you party at the end of the year unique, shine audience!


Full of baroque cortical dress, like a sweater-like spiral texture, to create if there is no warm visual effects.

时尚派对季 盛日时装巴洛克风闪耀全场

Black gold flash pullover sweater eye-catching, the atmosphere simple cut with the court feeling necklace, exudes a strong aura.

时尚派对季 盛日时装巴洛克风闪耀全场

Irregular hem handsome personality, MIX metal texture necklaces and bracelets, Bling Bling full of fashion charm at the same time.

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