Fall and winter colors make you turn from an unemployed to a hipster!

Ben Wang reported on November 20, in the autumn and winter season, because of the decrease in temperature, we not only increased the thickness of the clothes but also made the colors of the clothes heavy. For a long period of time, black, white, gray, and white people are hard to suppress, and they lose their personality and creativity. In fact, autumn and winter can also play around with color, learn the following seven new color scheme, can let you from the passerby into a fashionable person!

White + pink

The girl's heart is season-free, and even if it's bleak autumn and winter, naughty pink is still seen on the streets. Whether it is modern dresses, long-sleeved coats or vibrant sports jackets, the use of pink adds to the romance. The pink and white are undoubtedly a good partner, so that the original soft pink looks a little more tenderness. The texture of white can also neutralize the tender feeling of pink, wearing a stylish atmosphere. It is suggested that the girls with white complexion should arrange pink in the upper part of the body to set off the skin color to be more attractive. The pink coat with white trousers, pink dress and white shoes are all common street shooting solutions.


Elena Perminova's simple cut pink jacket with white scarf softens the body's shape. The lower body uses a steady black to achieve a good visual balance. The ratio of white to pink is not too restrictive. Both the upper and lower body 1:1 and the embellishment of each other can wear a soft beauty.


Eva Chen, the head of Instagram's fashion partnership, used a simple pink coat with a long white high-necked knit dress to create a layered look. The fluffy pointed heels are more interesting.

Yellow + brown

The brown color is the basic color of autumn and winter clothes. Its color is dark, light and light, and it can receive good results with other colors. Yellow and brown belong to the same hue, visual coordination, in the ratio of the area can be with the intention, even if it is used in the brown with the body, a lemon yellow yellow scarf is also sufficient to complete a low-key and full of vitality look. In turn, a light, bright yellow coat can also be used to finish with a pair of brown high-heeled boots, so that the shape becomes more weight. Finally, yellow and black and grey are the perfect combination in autumn and winter. If black and gray in your fall/winter closet dominates, don't forget to prepare several yellow pieces.


This piece of color stitching dress, wear bad, body also will be divided into a period of time. Fortunately Giovanna Battaglia chose a style in which the skirt was spliced ​​in large areas of yellow, white, black, and brown, creating a conflicting beauty of collision, but not jumping too much, and shrinking the figure, highlighting the slim waistline. .


Although the yellow-colored coat is fashionable and lively, the mature women may not dare to try it. They may wish to learn from Brooke Burke. With brown handbags, high-heeled shoes and sunglasses, the body shape is stabilized and the elegance is not lost.

Rusty red + dark blue

This season's normalized rust (rust red), many influxes have taken the lead. This neutral tones from the desert, with a metallic texture, are easier to match with other colors than burgundy, dark red, making your overall dress instantly elegant and comfortable. Rusty red can be used with many dark tones such as white and black, but it has a deep blue color scheme that creates a sense of depth and neutrality.


The corrugated rust-red half-skirt continues to be hot this season. It can be used with a variety of materials, soft knit sweaters, large shawls, pullovers, to build a relaxed style. Like the influx of people, it's easy to put on a navy blue shawl to go to Fashion Week.


Rusty red stitching dark blue leather skirt, with a strong sense of design. Candela Novembre with a sense of dress, a low-key white shirt enough, of course, do not forget to tie the shirt hem, creating a charming waistline.

Cream + nude

The creamy color that blends into the pinkish temperament is slightly "alternative" in the winter. But it is this creamy, sweet-smelling taste that keeps you from hitting your shirt. Especially the cream coat, whether it is a suit silhouette, the college style double-breasted or the long section, will make you look very light, with a nude color skirt or tops, both with the same high-quality texture, but also because of the color The nuances create levels and construct a modern and stylish image of a fashionable girl.


The soft cream coat with wide-legged legs of the same color, the elongated texture of the drape, Kate Hudson take a nude color crop top slightly exposed waistline, the upper and lower body is divided into a golden ratio. Harmony in color, the body's apparent weight index more than doubled. Who said that wearing light must be fat?


The creamy crop top slightly exposed waistline, plus the same high waist pants, to further optimize the proportion. Nude coats can be worn outside, but draping like Zina Charkoplia will be more stylish, making the styling more intense. However, if you don't have Zina's long legs, it is recommended that you replace the black ankle boots with nude or cream, which will make your legs longer.

Rose red + light gray

Rose red jumps a lot more than big red. It is the young woman's favorite color. The bright color is a sign of the vitality of green. The color to match with it should follow low-key guidelines, and play a neutral role in the high profile of red. While black is a security card, grey is a more fashionable choice. When pairing, give the main force the utmost light gray, rose red as embellishment, not too exaggerated, but the shape can immediately become lively many.


Although the gray coat is very generous, but the overall color is dark, there are dull, monotonous, but add enough dazzling rose red with embellishment, to get rid of the mediocrity, become fashionable and lively, simple with black sunglasses, high-heeled And ankle boots are already eye-catching enough.


Fearne Cotton blends in a rose-red dress in a gray-black styling, stifling styling.

Warm Orange + Navy Blue

The painter Van Gogh used to have the famous saying “There is no blue without yellow and without orange”. The color of blue and orange hits a vibrant atmosphere. It is the designer's favorite color scheme! With high saturation, the sense of conflict is too strong and it is easy for people to have visual fatigue. The Navy's warm orange scheme is not too pompous. It is used by many street beaters.


Do not define orange jackets on outdoor equipment. A silhouetted orange coat or an orange suit jacket can definitely become the backbone of the wardrobe. Modern navy blue sweaters such as Yasmin Sewell can be used to modernize urban girls. The upper body was wrapped tightly, and the lower body chose nine-point denim jeans to reveal the slim ankles. With pointed high-heeled shoes, the legs were stretched, which was absolutely necessary to be thin.


Bright tones are visually prone to bloat, so try to choose a straight-line version that is tailor-made for slimming. Veronika Heilbrunner opted for a fish-tail warm orange skirt that outlined the curves of the lower body. The upper body was paired with a short paragraph navy blue sweater that was visually thin. The shape of the model is warm orange, and the navy is controlled below 30%. Not only is it warm and has a sense of depth. This point also deserves our study.

Ice blue + silver

If you like Frozen, you will love this fresh color. Ice blue is mixed with a lot of white, compared to other blue, not so pick the skin color, especially for yellow Asian skin. The only drawback is that it is relatively easy to appear unimpressive, so it is necessary to be together with the presence of a full silver to brighten the model. The highest utilization rate of ice blue items is ice blue shirts and small suit jackets. Use it to match silver pencil skirts or trousers. It can completely replace black and white gray suits and become fashionable new shapes in the workplace.


The combination of ice blue + silver is used as a ride, which also makes the style become fashionable. It should be noted that the color of the jacket cannot be chosen too deep, otherwise it will destroy the refreshing temperament. Like Chiara Ferragni choose white H-type coat, plus white shoes, age and vitality.


Ice blue suit jacket with nude shirt, fresh and pure, set off the skin of Olivia de Borbon more white. The lower half of the body selected silver sequins shorts, in addition to the stylish elements added to the shape, but also focus on a pair of slender legs, optimizing the proportion of lower body. This smart and stylish model can be easily grabbed at the company reception or the girlfriends party.

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