Diamond ring color level knowledge

When buying a diamond ring, the knowledge of the diamond ring is indispensable. Let's learn how to divide the diamond ring according to the color level!

The color classification of diamonds has a uniform international standard. The International Diamond Association divides the diamond color into 23 grades, from D to the lowest grade Z (light yellow). Each English letter represents a specific range of colors.

What color diamond is good? Many people know that the better the color grade diamond, of course, the color is only one aspect. Many people think that diamonds are transparent and colorless gems. In fact, most of the diamonds are in light yellow to light brown, and the color depth and the difference are different. Simple can be divided into "colorless transparent" to "near colorless" and "light yellow". D color is a pure, colorless diamond, and colorless diamonds are rare and rare.

So what is the color standard of a good diamond? The level of the diamond color grade is the higher the diamond is closer to the colorless grade. The diamonds that are truly completely colorless and transparent are few and far between, and the quality is of course the highest. Now you can answer everyone: What color diamond is good for this problem. Diamonds are colorless or nearly colorless, and are perfectly colorless in the color grading of diamonds. The three levels of DEF belong to the colorless range, and the four levels of GHIJ belong to the near-colorless range, KLM is slightly yellow, and below N is light yellow. That is, the color grade is D-J diamond is more suitable, especially the three colors D, E, F are more precious. A typical small diamond such as diamond ij color of about 30 minutes is a wonderful choice. If the color is too small, such as the K-color diamond ring, you should not choose it!

In addition, diamonds also have some natural colored diamonds caused by internal natural elements or crystal structure distortion. Such as: blue diamonds, pink diamonds, purple diamonds and red diamonds. Because natural colored diamonds are sparsely produced, they are also very expensive.

In terms of price, in the colorless to yellow series, the closer the diamond is to colorless, the higher the value; and the yellower the diamond, the lower the value. However, the color below the Z is called a color diamond, and the higher the yellow hue, the higher the value.

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