Details highlight the quality VJC2012 spring and summer single new listing

International brand VJC Men's 2012 spring and summer single new products have been listed in the domestic high-end shopping malls, VJC designers pay attention to the details of the quality, based on the fashion simple classic style, through the fabric, version and craft details of creative breakthroughs, highlight Stylish and noble elite men's taste, show low-key luxury. VJC men's spring and summer 2012 product design theme "Free Revolution Artistic Re-invention", the blend of French and Italian culture is the source of VJC brand inspiration, adhere to the elegant taste of fashion has become the same VJC design principles. VJC designers did not stop the fashion exploration, in the spring and summer 2012 product design concept, into different new works, to rekindle the vitality and vitality, with us to feel a full of tension, a new revolution in creative ideas. VJC men's spring and summer 2012 product design theme includes two series, namely: Imagination creations (cowboy personality series) and Impression impression (business fashion series). Imagination Creator, VJC Jeans Personalized Series Inspiration Source: Vibrant Summer has finally come, VJC men collide with all kinds of incredible colors, with a season of young and imaginative! Xiangjie open-air coffee bar, parasol tree walking couple, immersed in the art of wandering artists, all over the cozy, inspired a designer unlimited imagination. Design Ideas Interpretation: With urban landscapes, figures, hot drilling beads and other design elements to promote this series of fashion and personality, a creative design style VJC this single fabric is the spring of 2012 the latest features fabrics, using Low-key embossed effect, showing a special gloss, inadvertently highlight the luxury. Designer with a special version of the type and cutting technology, making this single West more self-cultivation nature. With a single suit with a simple Western-style jeans with self-cultivation version of the version, preferably high-quality long-staple cotton denim, the use of classic structural design and complex washing process, showing the personality and refreshing fashion personality natural washing effect, more Wear sex. Do the old and large area worn effect, so that the visual effects of pants more sense of hierarchy. Impression Impression, Business Fashion Inspired by: This theme pursues noble, luxury, simplicity, elegance, impressing classical architecture, antique street lamps, exquisite artwork sculptures and wall reliefs all become VJC Designers Thought wonderful inspiration. Design ideas interpretation: sculpture, sculpture, flowers, art and painting as the design element, highlighting the wonderful outline, simple and powerful modification of the stature, and maintain the design style, so that you stand out in the crowd. VJC this single white West uses a more soft and comfortable fabric, dressed in spring and summer more self-cultivation and comfort, simple and classic style in the business scene is not significant and unexpected. With a pair of jeans is also classic and simple style, comfortable, fresh colors, harsh combination of hand-washing process, the classic classic noble quality of the details. VJC men's single-West texture printed with this pattern, the designer in order to achieve the best wearing effect, the use of high-grade polyester fiber as a fabric, to achieve the best printing effect, make clothes more self-cultivation, higher comfort. VJC unique version of the type and cutting technology, shoulder contour more fit and wear more comfortable. International standard printing technology to achieve a high-quality printing effect, full of summer flavor personality style, that is, pay attention to fashion and highlight the grade.

Super Soft Spandex is widely used for covering yarn, sock lycra.

Super Soft SpandexSuper Soft Spandex

In order to meet human`s high requirements for wearing comfort, spandex has developed towards properties of high elasticity and low constrain. For this reason, we have developed the super-soft series of products, which properly reduce the [hard segment" content and improve the [soft segment" content, decrease the reversion tension of spandex and reduce the constrain sense in usual wearing.

Super Soft SpandexSuper Soft Spandex


1. Fabric is light in weight with soft tense.

2. In knitting under certain draw ratio, the rebounding stress of spandex is small and the elongation is big.

3. The series products have stable quality and uniformity.



Mainly used for covering yarn (traditional covering yarn, air-jet covering yarn and core-spun yarn)

Super Soft SpandexSuper Soft Spandex

Super Soft Spandex

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