Congratulations Junjie "Beyond beyond the dream" 2014 autumn and winter new conference successful

Congratulations Yu Jie children "Beyond beyond the dream" 2014 autumn and winter new conference successful!熳 Jie children underwear Beyond beyond the dream of the theme of the 2014 autumn and winter launch of new products dealers get the praise, the conference was a complete success, the greatest merit you support the clean children's cute you.

熳 clean underwear Lingerie are bright with deep, each style has many colors, whether you like light or light-colored or dark can meet you, 熳 clean children's clothing beyond the dream 2014 autumn and winter Conference guests more than ever before, are waiting for the release of new autumn and winter, this is a historic moment.

祝贺熳洁儿“Beyond 超越梦想”2014秋冬新品发布会圆满

Catwalks officially began, dealers are staring at the new autumn and winter, look there is no good business opportunities, some good intention to customers have applauded, after the conference there are dealers who asked the autumn and winter of the new features and characteristics , Want to know the wave of the new season. I hope the next conference can bring you a mysterious and stylish visual effects.

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