Cixi was bald at the age of 40.

The Empress Dowager Cixi likes to take pictures. From the photos that have been handed down, Cixi should have a black and thick hair. However, we were all cheated by photos.

In fact, according to the old eunuch who had waited for Cixi, Cixi had hair loss since he was 40 years old, and he had taken off very well. The entire head was stripped off, leaving only two strands and a little hair on the back of the head.

But Cixi is particularly focused on grooming. No matter how urgent it is, she never sees her before she is dressed up. After the baldness, Cixi wants to maintain a solemn appearance, then he has to resort to a wig .

The wig of Cixi is divided into two parts. The main part is a wig on the top of the head, which is glued to the scalp with a red glue; the second part is a two-piece wig, where the wig is a hair piece. With the help of the wig, Cixi can also be full of hair.

However, wearing so many wigs, combing hair is not so easy. This is hard to beat Cixi, she has a royal "comb master", this person is called Liu Desheng, known as "comb Liu", is an old eunuch who has served Cixi for decades.

The technique of "combing Liu" is excellent. No matter how much the kind of real hair of Cixi is left, he can help Lafayette to make a satisfactory hairstyle. Cixi is very fond of him, so the "comb Liu" is extremely high in the palace. Many of the palace ladies met him and gave him a courtesy.

"Combating Liu" is a person with a particularly high emotional intelligence. Not only is it very popular among the palace ladies and eunuchs in the palace, but also the kindness of Cixi. For example, when combing the hair, “Comb Liu” will tell Cixi some folk stories, a bit like a folk story.

However, these folk tales are not indiscriminate, and each one is carefully selected by him. His central thoughts are all praises of Cixi Ming. That is to say, "comb Liu" can not only comb the cichlids, but also just take a good shot and make the cichlids very comfortable.

With a wig and a "comb Liu", Cixi finally no longer has to worry about her baldness.

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