Centralized 3/4 cup bra to easily solve the flat, proliferation, spill and other troubles

Often, we think women may experience problems such as flattening, spreading and spilling when they reach a certain age. Some of them are due to innate factors and some are caused by not wearing bras for a long time. If many women think that thick winter clothes, wearing no bra does not matter, I do not know this will result in your chest without support points, resulting in arbitrary chest walk, resulting in spillover.


Figure: women's 100 brand underwear 2013 autumn and winter models

Department of the same curve, but because I do not know what kind of size can choose to hold, mistaken bra that wear is to have a tight feeling, so buy too small, could not hold the chest, the original beautiful chest line to Made flat; there are some women because there is no choice of style, resulting in the chest can not be concentrated, resulting in proliferation.

集中型3/4罩杯文胸  轻松解决扁平、扩散、外溢等烦恼

Figure: women's 100 brand underwear 2013 autumn and winter models

When choosing a bra must have a purpose, such as for flat, proliferation, spill and other issues, you can choose to focus on the 3/4 cup bra, cup type not only gather good results, stability, better bring out the chest Straight curve.

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