Cathay women's rendering of printing style highlight the ethnic style

Cathay Apparel is a French fashion women's clothing brand, in the style of Chinese and Western, the French romantic elements infiltrated, all-round interpretation of a new generation of urban women business beauty, soft woman, intellectual simplicity, and low-key luxury life the way. In autumn and winter 2013, Cathay draws inspiration from the arts and integrates into the design of apparel products to create exclusive clothing brands that belong to the oriental women.


Dramatic printing renderings filled with artistic atmosphere and charm, with the same color jacket, the Look of one go, did not see any flaws.

卡特丽女装 渲染印花风彰显民族风

Is still rendering printing, Western-style skirt exudes a woman's elegance, knee-length boots is a careful machine, you can easily create a small stovepipe Oh.

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