Brief description of Yan Yanyu

Xiuyan jade has complex material composition, physical properties, and fine arts and crafts characteristics, so it is not a single jade. According to the different mineral composition, Xiuyan jade can be divided into three kinds of serpentine jade, tremolite jade, serpentine jade and tremolite jade, among which serpentine jade is the main one. According to the infrared absorption spectrum curve, the composition of serpentine jade is shown, and a small amount of serpentine and serpentine are contained. The tremolite is mainly composed of tremolite, and the chlorite jade is mainly composed of chlorite. The Xiuyan jade can be divided into three types: serpentine jade, color jade, and green jade by means of microscope, transmission electron microscope, X-ray diffraction analysis, and differential thermal analysis.

The mineral composition of snake jade is not consistent, for example: 1 green snake jade, mainly composed of serpentine; 2 yellow snake jade, mainly composed of serpentine, also contains serpentine, serpentine; 3 white snake jade, mainly composed of leaf serpentine.

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