Beige bear children's clothing from Britain exquisite and unconventional sets

Kemi Bear children's clothing from the United Kingdom, the frontier along a variety of fashion design and brand culture ideas and Qi, to create pure, healthy, natural, comfortable children's clothing, creating a new brand of children's wear space, with a new design concept interpretation of us Distinctive brand culture and spiritual style. CAMIBEAR "beige bear" logo with a combination of letters and graphics, vivid and elegant, rounded font and bear shape complement each other, lively and lovely; bear delicate and unconventional graphics, beauties, the combination of children and bears Vividly embodies the British classic and noble; bear the color of the bear on the orange color symbolizes the CAMIBEAR "beige bear" brand sunshine, lively vitality. Fonts with chestnut represents the European fashion and elegance, the overall visual feel stable yet lively, classic yet stylish. The connotation of the entire brand and the harmonious coexistence of children and nature blend together to bring children healthy, sunny, happy childhood! CAMIBEAR is a children's wear brand that Hongbang Garments (UK) International Limited and its subsidiary Hong Kong Hong Bang Co., Ltd. have granted to Shenzhen Hao Bang Garments Co., Ltd. to develop, produce and market a series of products for boys and girls. CAMIBEAR is the best choice for the children aged 3-16 years. It is based on the brand style of "Fashion, Leisure, Sports, Health and Vitality" Advocacy of children's wear new fashion.

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Tassel Earrings,Thread Earrings,Lace Earrings,Pearl Earrings


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