Adidas Parachuting has been re-engraved

In the 80's, Nike took the first step to develop Vandal Supreme, a classic basketball shoe, using parachute materials. Although the concept is plentiful, there is no practical use. On the contrary, adidas is a lot of practical and stable. Special airbags designed specifically for skydiving athletes are introduced. In addition to the most well-known GSG9 shoes, it is reported that Parachuting has also been used by German paratroopers. Perhaps this is called professional! 26 years later, Parachuting has been re-engraved, of course, the shoe design is modified, the color is more eye-catching, the purpose is to meet the needs of the current market, but the selling point of shoes is always the first time in the year the dismantling-type suspension system , which is exactly the same as the design of LA. Trainer, like building blocks can be used to change their own home. The body of the shoe is embroidered with gold-threaded Parachuting lettering. A magic belt is placed on the shoe barrel to enhance the protection of the ankle. The original Parachuting was launched in 1978. The body of the shoe was designed with psychedelic fabrics. It was extremely eye-catching, but the selling point of the shoes was always on the suspension system. The paratroopers were fully protected when they landed.
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