1727 Women's Fashion - Fall / Winter 2014 theme story


Winter 2014 theme background - romantic left bank

Love Left Bank, walk in this strong atmosphere of the city of humanities, the pursuit of the desire to fight a little bit out of mind, more than a few romantic poetic love, lazy afternoon, about the lover, drink thick red wine, Micro-dim misty, so that the city is full of love sunshine, lost for a long time to get back the love. Tour of all forms of beauty from the natural and organic world, this is a romantic rhythm of life, so precious.

This theme with a fantastic feeling and ambiguous atmosphere, all show the sweet, stylish and elegant romantic style. Icy and gorgeous pink and cherry red, into the gentle and graceful Victorian female image, fantastic pink and fruit green, ignited the autumn and winter chill.

Mainly simple style profile mainly highlights the female S-shaped curve of the waist A-type and concise generous H profile; fabrics using a special texture of two-tone terry velvet fabric and soft through the flowering European root yarn , To add a stylish atmosphere of flower fabric embellishment; details on the use of a large number of different types of texture fabric splicing, as well as the color of innovation and so on. Enough to make this autumn and winter look stylish yet romantic and elegant girlhood.

1727时尚女装— —2014年秋冬主题故事

1727时尚女装— —2014年秋冬主题故事

1727时尚女装— —2014年秋冬主题故事

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